Meet the Cast & Crew: Sarah Bartash (marketing)

Sarah Bartash
Sarah Bartash

In this series, we introduce you to the cast and crew of The New World Horror. Next up is a member of our marketing team, Sarah Bartash, who also serves as a script supervisor and a producer. If you enjoyed our March Madness horror brackets, you can thank Sarah.

 Tell us about what you are working on for the film.

I had coffee with Adam after the demise of Dane101, a news and arts website that also put together wild events that we had both been a part of. Around the same time, The New World Horror (then called Attack of the Mutant Tea Party Zombies) was beginning to take real form. I offered to help with marketing and pr, as that is my background, and also with whatever needed doing, such as props, fundraising, craft services, transport etc. Since then, I’ve been welcomed into the “inner circle” and even been granted sweet sweet producer credit.

What is your favorite horror movie and why? (Or if you don’t like horror movies, tell us why.)

I love horror movies of all types: The 2000 theatrical re-release of The Exorcist was particularly effective in freaking me out. However, I have a soft spot for B-horror such as Nail Gun Massacre, Shredder, and Midnight Skater (truly the best film to ever utilize the quote: “That’s the best sex I ever had with a dead body whose arm was cut off that I was using to spank myself on the ass!”)

What are you most looking forward to about working on this movie and why?

We have a particularity awesome group of extremely talented, excited, clever, groovy people pulled into this project, and I look forward to seeing the creative explosion that is going to come out of us all. I can’t wait to pull even more people in and really have some fun.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I’d secure the top floor of a nice 2 story house with rope-ladder accommodations, tap into my sustainable living knowledge, and while away my time reading, writing and raising non-zombified goats on the roof.

About Sarah: Sarah Bartash is a writer, marketing specialist and goat-obsessed child of the 80s.  Born in the shadow of the World’s Largest 6-Pack and raised a Wisconsinite (go Packers! Go Badgers!), she spent most of her formative years across the Mississippi River in rural Minnesota. After two years as a theater major at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, she moved to Madison, Wisconsin where she graduated with a BA in Communication Arts from the UW. A move to Cleveland, Ohio brought Sarah to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, where she worked first as an educator in the new Australian Adventure children’s exhibit and later as a member of the marketing department. Her greatest Zoo achievement was running a “dub the cub” naming contest for a baby snow leopard which garnered over 3,000 entries (the winning name was Panja, which means “pounce” in Hindi.) Her explorations continued with a move to the West Coast where she worked outside of Portland, Oregon for a high tech company’s PR department. She returned to Wisconsin in 2008, a move that coincided by no small chance with the birth of her niece and nephew who live near her home town. She has worked as Sales Manager for the preeminent Wisconsin tourist attraction The House on the Rock and played an integral role in the Gathering of American Gods Neil Gaiman event, Halloween 2010. She is a former writer and board member of Currently, Sarah busies herself eating cheese, drinking beer, running (a website devoted to goats in pop culture) and working on The New World Horror.

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