Props List & Call for Volunteers

As we mentioned during our fundraiser, we also need the following props for the movie. Take a look at our list, and if you have any of the items listed below, email us at thenewworldhorror at gmail dot com. We also will gladly accept donations of food and beverage items for when we start filming, and we are always looking for volunteers!

Prop list

-Bibles and other church hymnals for use as props in the church scenes (Note: these items are for background use, we are not going to kill any zombies with them or deface these religious items.)

-2 white lab coats (ideally coats that both match)

-Tea Party Wardrobe (T-Shirts/Hats/Buttons/Bumper Stickers etc)

-Realistic Prop/Stuffed Animal Cat

-Nail Gun

-Rotary Phone

-Jule’s Camera (older looking camera)

-“I Drive Union Made” or Pro-Union bumper stickers/buttons and T-Shirts

-Two old mattresses for stunts

-Two Police Officer uniforms

-Tea Party Signs

-Older model defibrillator

-Kids Walkie Talkies (don’t need to work)

-Bigger 70/80’s style Tupperware bowl

-Police Tape (like the yellow kind used for blocking off crime scenes)

-Huge Needle (syringe)

-Smaller Needles

-Old Gated Door

-An old 60/70’s looking News Reporter microphone

-Video footage from an actual Tea Party rally that we can use in the movie (you’ll be credited). We are especially interested in footage from Madison.

-Coffee/Soda/Snacks/Food for the Cast and Crew

-A full-size, human-looking dummy (to be brutally beaten and run over and thrown off balconies)

-Prop Pipe

-US Flag Bandana

-Confederate Flag Bandana

We also are looking for volunteers for tasks such as:

-crew support (helping set up scenes with props, general support)

-help making a prop cement grave

-help making handmade signs and woodcarvings

4 thoughts on “Props List & Call for Volunteers”

  1. I’m a local zero budget / underground filmmaker, I love this project! Wish I had props for you, but send me dates & I’ll volunteer to help out with whatever you need on your shoot.

  2. Hi Carolyn!

    We are still figuring out the shooting schedule, but why don’t you email us at thenewworldhorror at gmail dot com, and we can keep you updated. Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi guys!
    We should be able to help out with a couple Bibles, at least 1 lab coat, several walkie talkies and whatever size syringes/needles you may need! I’ll check the attic for some other items on the list.

  4. I have two rotary phones you can use. I used them making Just God, so they have been to Heaven and back, and survived! Please also let us all know the shooting schedule when it is set, just in case I am able to volunteer my time.

    This message will go to the email address as well.


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