Meet the Cast & Crew: Steve Golla (Cooper)

Steve Golla
Steve Golla

In each post, we will introduce you to the cast and crew of The New World Horror. Steve Golla plays our union man, Cooper. You may have also seen Steve on an episode of Showtime’s show Shameless.

Cooper was born in Kaukauna, WI.  His dad worked at paper mill as a supervisor and his mother worked in the same mill part-time doing clerical work.  Cooper’s dad called their family a “proud union family,” and Cooper gladly went to work in the paper mill  after high school.  Cooper loved working there and was soon promoted. Only a year into Cooper’s job as a supervisor, he heard of rumors that the mill was purchased by Cain Industries.  Walter Cain came to the mill to state his appreciation for everyone’s hard work and said they would not be shutting the factory down.  The next day, 90% of the employees at the factory got layoff letters with a two week severance pay. They were informed that they had to train their replacements. Cooper was devastated and fell into a deep depression drinking heavily and began verbally abusing his wife.  As far as he is concerned, Walter Cain is responsible for his dramatic downturn.  Cooper is still bitter about losing his job, and doesn’t know what to do. Until The New World Horror….

Tell us about your character and how you are going to portray him.

I know Cooper well, and guys like him, though they have become hard to find. He’s a proud guy, his identity balled up in his work ethic and principles. Among the last of a disappearing breed, he was Instilled with the belief that an honest days work and straight dealing is what it takes to secure his American Dream. Of course he comes to realize, like we all do,what a major load of BS that way of thinking is. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s disillusioned and mad as hell. The landscape has changed, he no longer stands on solid ground, the things he’s always stood for are now the basis for ridicule. And still he perseveres. He’s a fighter, a survivor. He stubbornly holds fast to his blue collar ideals because it’s all he knows and more importantly because he knows he’s right.
” Anyone who wants to live, get in the goddamned truck!” –Cooper—

As for my approach…all I can do is be as prepared possible. Know the script inside and out and hope ‘it’s’ in the writing. I try to be as reverent to the page as much as I can be given the scene and what the other actors bring to their performance. Listening and REACTING becomes the thing.

What is your favorite horror movie and why?

I had a hard time winnowing it down to a favorite, Texas Chainsaw Massacre came to mind, the original, Jaws, The Evil Dead trilogy,…but the most fun I have is watching The Hammer Horror films. I like my horror stylized and sexy; exploitative is always a plus. All the early Hammer films fit that bill.

What are you most looking forward to about working on this movie and why?

There is no one thing in particular, aside from meeting new friends, that I am looking forward to. I am enamored with the entire process.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

By clinging to my guns and always wearing a rubber.

About Steve: Steve grew up in Plainfield, a small rural farming community nestled in the heartland of Wisconsin, the town infamous for harboring the most storied creep in the annals of crime history. We learned growing up in Plainfield to keep our mouths shut and mind our own business. For summer fun as a youth, Steve picked rocks and sheared Christmas trees. He attended university twice, neither stint taking. It was there, within the defining walls of the two small Wisconsin campuses, where he nurtured his penchant for performance, drama, philosophy. With a gypsy’s spirit, he abandoned his education and moved about the country, living for awhile in the Eastern seaboard, as well as in the southwest. He is currently in the frozen desolation of the upper Midwest. With the addition of the innumerable romantic dalliances, scrapes with the law, car fires, roll over crashes, Dungeons and Dragons, bar brawls, black outs, let downs, shitty jobs, booze-filled rants, nervous breakdowns, loss, and missed opportunities have conspired to congeal and form this world-class talent. Steve’s film credits include Home Sweet Home, Hurricane Bonnie, Neighslayer (also credited as a producer), The Wayward Son, Amateur Monster Movie, Snowflakes , Psycho Holocaust, Wicked Wood (also credited as a producer).

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