Meet the Cast & Crew: Joe Price (Billy)


Joe Price
Joe Price

Joe Price is a man of multiple talents: artist, musician, and actor. He portrays Billy in the film.

Billy grew up in the south, in a town notorious for its poverty and racism. Even though his parents received unemployment benefits for years, they felt that the government was giving too many handouts to the poor, but they really meant minorities. His parents had no problem instilling this belief (and hatred) to Billy.  At a young age Billy’s parents brought him to a pro-life rally where they made him carry a big poster with a picture of a dead fetus. Billy didn’t question the message, he just marched around with his sign and shouted at the women entering abortion clinics. Billy is now 30 and still lives with his family. The three support each other, and pool their money together every month for the cable subscription and cartons of Newports. Billy now listens to conservative radio all day at the gas station where he works and in his car. He has more extreme views than his parents,  reads Tea Party blogs, and listens to Alex Jones. Billy went to the recent rally at the capitol with his family. The bus from church helped bring them to the rally…and yes, they brought their bloody fetus posters to the rally. Until The New World Horror….


Tell us about your character.

Billy is very fun in a douche-baggy kind of way.  Like Chet, the older brother on Weird Science,  he’s there to be hated.  That’s why it’s important to calibrate my performance to maximize the viewers dislike of Billy to a level where they can revel in his pain, but without going so far that they just turn away.  If I’ve done my job, then you will be laughing at Billy, not with him.

What is your favorite horror movie and why?

That’s easy, it’s John Carpenter’s The Thing.  The bleak setting of the movie creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that really gets under my skin.  I am on edge from the get go.  Add some awesome “real” creature effects and Kurt Russel at his hairiest, and you got yourself one fine monster picture.  I didn’t even get to Wilford Brimley with an ax…

What are you most looking forward to about working on this movie and why? 

Watching it.  I have seen enough of the ingredients going into the soup that I just can’t wait to see how they finally render down.

 How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 

As a zombie.  In my high school I was voted, “most likely to eat brains.”

About Joe: Joe Price grew up in a tiny trailer park outside of a tiny village called Eden, Wisconsin.  With few other children around to play with, he spent most of his time exercising his imagination.  He would spend 45 minute bus rides home from school with his nose in a horror novel, and entire weekends lost in the woods down the street.  His parents were divorced when he was 12, and when his dad remarried a few years later, he moved to Fond du Lac with his new family.  This is when he discovered live music.  Watching his buddy’s punk band jam in the basement was a revelation.  Joe would spend the next two decades wandering the Midwest playing in various rock, metal, and punk bands.  As a bassist with Plastic, he would relocate to Madison, WI.  Years later taking up the microphone to howl with bands Way Off The Horse and Helliphant.  Most recently, Joe has picked up his bass to front raw power 3-piece, The Gran Fury.  During a year long period of unemployment a few years ago, Joe reconnected with his youthful love of art and movie making.  He began selling pieces of art, and, with a gang of friends, creating a slew of psychedelic horror movie shorts collectively named GarageSpore.  A conversation about moviemaking at a The Gran Fury gig led to Joe joining the New World Horror cast as Tea Party lout “Billy”, a gig Joe is just dying to sink his teeth into.  One of Joe’s paintings will be a premium given out to someone who donates to the flick’s indiegogo fundraising campaign.

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