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Meet the Cast & Crew: Tawnie Thompson (Aisha)

Tawnie P. Thompson
Tawnie Thompson

In each post, we will introduce you to the cast and crew of The New World Horror. Tawnie plays Aisha in The New World Horror, and recently played Megan in another indie horror film, Don’t Go To The Reunion.

Aisha was born in a Sunni Muslim family.  Her father was a poet and school owner, running a chain of schools in Pakistan.   Aisha’s father would educate her at home.  Aisha begged her father to be enrolled in the local school, even though the Taliban forbids girls to be in school.   Aisha didn’t care…she wanted to go, and she did finally convince her father to let her go to school.  Suddenly, her father’s schools started becoming a Taliban target and one school, although empty at the time, was bombed.  His father was furious and scared.  When Aisha was 15, three members of the Taliban approached her at the bus stop.  They shot her in the head and the neck.   She remembers seeing Daniel taking care of her on the street, but it all seemed like a dream. Eventually, she woke up in a hospital in London and the first person she saw, even before her father, was Daniel.  She knew then that he saved her life.   He later asked her to marry her and Aisha immediately said yes.   They stayed in England and Daniel finished up his degree at Cambridge.  The couple moved to the United States, and Aisha went to school at  UW Madison to study nursing while Daniel worked as a biology professor. Aisha also enjoys helping Daniel at his lab at the university, until the New World Horror….

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