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Meet the Cast & Crew: Carmela Wiese (Abigail)

Carmela Wiese
Carmela Wiese

In each post, we will introduce you to the cast and crew of The New World Horror. You may recognize Carmela from Incest Death Squad, and she plays Abigail in our film.

Abigail is a knife-throwing priest and a lesbian, but her background is fairly mysterious after her teen years . Abigail grew up as a stereotypical juvenile delinquent, stealing candy, firecrackers, and later bicycles .  After she was kicked out of several foster homes, she ended up at a Catholic orphanage. At the orphanage, Abigail found God and also her own sexuality after trysts with an older nun.  After she left the orphanage, she seemed to almost disappear for several years, until she resurfaced in Wisconsin recently.

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