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Meet the Cast & Crew: Steve Golla (Cooper)

Steve Golla
Steve Golla

In each post, we will introduce you to the cast and crew of The New World Horror. Steve Golla plays our union man, Cooper. You may have also seen Steve on an episode of Showtime’s show Shameless.

Cooper was born in Kaukauna, WI.  His dad worked at paper mill as a supervisor and his mother worked in the same mill part-time doing clerical work.  Cooper’s dad called their family a “proud union family,” and Cooper gladly went to work in the paper mill  after high school.  Cooper loved working there and was soon promoted. Only a year into Cooper’s job as a supervisor, he heard of rumors that the mill was purchased by Cain Industries.  Walter Cain came to the mill to state his appreciation for everyone’s hard work and said they would not be shutting the factory down.  The next day, 90% of the employees at the factory got layoff letters with a two week severance pay. They were informed that they had to train their replacements. Cooper was devastated and fell into a deep depression drinking heavily and began verbally abusing his wife.  As far as he is concerned, Walter Cain is responsible for his dramatic downturn.  Cooper is still bitter about losing his job, and doesn’t know what to do. Until The New World Horror….

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