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Meet the Cast & Crew: Joe Price (Billy)


Joe Price
Joe Price

Joe Price is a man of multiple talents: artist, musician, and actor. He portrays Billy in the film.

Billy grew up in the south, in a town notorious for its poverty and racism. Even though his parents received unemployment benefits for years, they felt that the government was giving too many handouts to the poor, but they really meant minorities. His parents had no problem instilling this belief (and hatred) to Billy.  At a young age Billy’s parents brought him to a pro-life rally where they made him carry a big poster with a picture of a dead fetus. Billy didn’t question the message, he just marched around with his sign and shouted at the women entering abortion clinics. Billy is now 30 and still lives with his family. The three support each other, and pool their money together every month for the cable subscription and cartons of Newports. Billy now listens to conservative radio all day at the gas station where he works and in his car. He has more extreme views than his parents,  reads Tea Party blogs, and listens to Alex Jones. Billy went to the recent rally at the capitol with his family. The bus from church helped bring them to the rally…and yes, they brought their bloody fetus posters to the rally. Until The New World Horror….

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